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Jan 22, 2013 6:00am PST
mississippi. that's florida. say louisiana or there's no dessert. brought to you by bp and all of us who call the gulf home. i hate getting up in the morning. i love bread. i love cheese. did i say i love chocolate? i'm human! and the new weight watchers 360 program lets me be. the reason i'm still in this body feelin' so good isn't because i never go out and enjoy the extra large, extra cheese world we live in. it's because i do. and you can too. because when a weight loss program is built for human nature you can expect amazing. introducing the new weight watchers 360 program. join for free and expect amazing. because it works. >>> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is expected to return to power after today's election, but it may come at the expense of middle east peace. today, we're taking a deep dive into the increasingly remote chance of a two-state solution. it's something netanyahu himself supported back in the summer of 2009. here he is is on msnbc's "today" show. >> we have a common vision of peace. we want to see peace between us and our palestinian neighbors. we want them,
Jan 16, 2013 6:00am PST
was done for louisiana and alabama and mississippi and if they want to make new rules about disasters, they picked the wrong state to make the new rules with. >> and yesterday, new york congressman peter king, who berated boehner when he failed to bring the bill up at the end of the last congress, ignored the divisions within his party, saying time for recriminations is over. >> i'm proud to stand here today with all of us united. now, maybe your divisions to vote, but all of us are committed to getting this done. i want to thank the chairman of the rules committee, mr. sessions, for the great job they've done in bringing it here, with a fair rule, and allowing for an up and down vote. >> one more thing that's significant, supporters of the sandy bill beat back an amendment from mulvaney which would have offset a large portion of the aid with across the board cuts from other spending. >> this amendment is not about day. this amendment is not about offering a poisoned pill to the underlaying bill. we've mismanaged our own finances to the point where we are now no longer capable of taki
Jan 25, 2013 6:00am PST
restrictions in the first trimester. >> on that point, you see a lot of states, mississippi, where there's only one abortion clinic, except for kansas, and in virginia, you have to get a wider hallway in order to accommodate an abortion by a legislation they put through -- >> because a woman actually died -- >> it's a very wide -- >> when they couldn't get her gurney through the door a few years ago. >> so you believe, though, it's widespread availability in the western hemisphere of the united states? >> absolutely -- ini mean, everybody will greet that the u.s. has the most wide open laws for abortion. it's a commonly known fact. but it's true, states are enacting positive pro-life laws. in the last three years, almost 200 laws have been enacted at the level of the states. these are laws involving a woman's informed consent, involving parents in the young girl's decision, et cetera. so in most cases, they're common sense laws that most americans are in agreement with. >> i went to a catholic university and the majority of the girls who went there were on some form of birth control. i work on
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)